FRESH-DISM or Awesome to Nudism: A Girl Friend Recounts Her Experience with Nudism

New to Nudism? or “Awesome-Dism”?
Intro by Felicity: As I said before, I went about encouraging my friends to try nudism this previous summer by seeing me. Having grown up as a nudist, I genuinely needed to know what it was like for a fresh man to step into the naturist community who grew up in a completely non-naturist household / family.
It seems I didn’t give a good enough introduction to this at first, so let me clarify. My female friend from college seen me at a fkk club for the first time, and I requested her to compose a story about what it was like.
We picked a great weekend for her to visit, so her and her (female) friend came as check it , and I did my best to introduce them to nudism/the team.
I was nude for a brief time and let my guests get used to things. As my buddy describes it, she got nakedand walked around on her own to see what it was all about! And these are her general beliefs and experience of it.
NEW-DISM as in Fresh to Nudism at Rock Lodge
Below is Her New To Nudism or “AWESOME-DISM” Story:
Disclaimer: Please be advised that nudist camps are NOT the place to go for anyone seeking a loony swinger outdoor naked orgy or men walking around with boners. I repeat, fkk camps are not the place to go for a wild romp or the screening of boners, sorry to disappoint.
My curiosity about nudist camps comes back almost two years ago. She had been raised in a naturist camp and during summer and spring breaksfrom school that is where she returned, unbeknownst to us.
Obviously, my friends and I were past shocked at this discovery, and continued to bombard her with a broad collection of questions, including “What do you do when it gets chilly?” and “Do people have sex throughout the place?” (Admittedly, some questions were more credible than others). Our goals were not to be unsuitable.
The documentary illustrated the story of a teenager forced to grow up in a nudist camp as a depressing, embarrassing plight which he could barely escape, and I was left thinking, “At least I am not him.”)
Upon my college graduation, I embarked on the path of semi-self-discovery and adventure, as many frequently do when they do not know what the next life measure is. I was antsy to go anywhere and everywhere, and hopefully along the way learn more about myself and others. I boldly decided I ‘d set all apprehensions aside, and visit my friend at a fkk club called Rock Lodge.
I embarked on my journey on a beautiful summer day with a buddy from home. We debated and forecast what the camp would be like, having little, to no notion what to expect. I have to admit I was nervous, and took scoreless detours to prolong our coming (yesI did attempt to discover a particular Actual Housewife of Fresh Jersey). As we entered the gates of the fkk camp, a wave of panic came over me as a guy greeted us (nude, of course).
As much as I ‘d prepared myself, the initial bare viewing caught me off guard. I fought not to let my distress get the best of me. I quickly regained my composure and put my game face onI had come this far, I was prepared. As we strolled through the camp I met a variety of people, all different ages, and equally as prominent, all different shapes and sizes.
I couldn’t help but admire the confidence everyone seemed to possess, no matter their physical shape, and I slightly envied them. They appeared to feel infinitely more confident than most people who walk around fully clothed.
I thought to myself, “How can individuals whose imperfections are so blatantly visible for everyone to see possess such confidence?” As I learned more about the lifestyle and the philosophies behind nudism, I began to comprehend why.
Initially, I didn’t feel comfortable taking my clothes off and getting naked, but I began to feel comfortable around naked people. After the first few handshakes and dialogs, it became somewhat regular. Additionally , I found how accepting folks were.
My friend and I arrived fully clothed, and (despite our best efforts) definitely just a little bit uncomfortable. Yet we were embraced with open arms and no one appeared all nudist family girls only of our reasons for visiting. I appreciated the first approval, since so frequently there is pressure to establish yourself in some way amongst a small grouping of fresh people, in order to be accepted. We skipped that step at the camp, and that was something I greatly appreciated.
It was truly among the strangest and concurrently liberating feelings I’ve experienced in a long time.
I walked on a trail surrounding a moderate-sized lake. The sun was shining through in patches but the trail was, for the most part, covered. I made my way apprehensively onto the beach and stood alone, in the middle of the sand, overlooking the lake. I understood folks on the other side of the lake could see me naked from a space, but I no longer cared.
At that instant standing on the plage, I realized how far I ‘d surpassed my comfort zone, and how much I appreciated it. I re-clothed and continuing to spend the remainder of the day and night at the camp. Some members put on clothes when the weather started to be uncooperative. Throughout my time there I got knowledge from the perspectives of both long time nudists and brand new ones.
It appeared that members initially selected this lifestyle for all different motives, but continued to live it for quite similar reasons including the instilled sense of assurance from a young age, the deficiency of superficial importance, and first-class connection with nature.
I left the nudist club feeling somewhat shifted and, I know it sounds lame, a little bit wiser and more confident. I definitely recommend that everyone experience this lifestyle (or societal nudity) at least once, even for a brief period of time, in their own way. I expect to return to Rock Lodge again one day, and maybe next time, I Will even be a little bit braver
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Growing Up Naturist in a Nudist Family

(Growing up fkk was submitted by one of our readers who rather not mention his name – which we naturally esteem)
Growing Up Fkk:
It wasn’t always easy growing up as a nudist. I never chose to be one; my parents were big fans of social nudity, and I just wound up as a natural, dyed in the wool naturist.
It was just difficult when my friends’ parents wouldn’t let them come to our house, worrying that their precious, sheltered offspring might see a scattered slide of skin. see, my parents were out and proud nudists; it wasn’t actually a secret. They had no notion what being a nudist really means, but I do.
Like I said, my breeding made me a natural fkk. Little children will happily run around without a stitch of clothing, totally nude, but most parents mend that at a young age. Kids are told that to run around nude is bad, gross, filthy and something to be ashamed of.
My own fkk parents never raised me with this kind of outlook, and for that I thank them. They did teach me that clothing is anticipated for most social engagements, but for our family, clothes was something you wore for other people.
Growing Up Fkk
I’m happy I grew up as a naturist – I believe it helped make me who I am now. I understand it saves me a fortune on clothing, because I don’t actually care about them. I shop for relaxation, not for over-hyped trend fads.
Growing up fkk truly helps me with girls, too; it is hardly fair to my competition. I have been comfortable in my own skin my whole life, so I never get performance anxiety.
Being raised as a fkk kid also makes it easy for keep my eyes off of the cleavage, and girls love that. Occasionally I think for low-cut tops will be to weed out the guys who can not control their roving eyes.
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Essentially Free: The Nudist Club and Its Community

The Naturist Club and Community by FKK
Nudism and naturism are terms used interchangeably that stand for the same basic concept: liberty in its most elementary kind. Like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, the absence of garments eliminates societal trappings in the way of stress and rigor. This gives way to bare freedom and relaxation. Uncovered, everyone is identical, man and girl alike.
The Culture of Naturist Clubs
Nudist clubs and nudist resorts encourage nakedness and equality minus the crutch of sexuality. In the USA, naturism and sexuality, naked people or only the nude body and sex, are supposed to be perpetually joined, but they’re not and should not be presumed as inseparable.
The Culture at Nudist Clubs
Like specific earthbound tribes that still exist today without the concept of covering oneself, the naturist wants to throw off the chains of what is conceived to be suitable by current society.
At a naturist club, members consists of some naturist singles, but many couples and families which might contain kids. To them, being without clothing is entirely natural and without pretense.
The sense of community is all-encompassing. Some nudist resorts are clothing optional: there’s no pressure to be totally or partially bare, not till one is ready to take the plunge. Most naturist clubs will mandate that folks be nude in special regions like the pool or sauna, while in other regions it is a personal selection. People who go about of their activities in the nude have made their picks and don’t demand novices to do exactly the same.
Protection and closeness are intrinsic to the naturist club environment and again, are with sexuality. A naturist club is a not a swinger’s destination. Overt sexual behavior is against the rules, and respect and consideration for the feelings of others is paramount.
Naturist Clubs AreN’t For Voyeurs or Exhibitionists
In nudism, voyeurism and exhibitionism are considered sexual deviations that usually do not dwell within the spirit of the tradition. There’s nothing particularly unique about being nude in a societal setting, except that most people are nude and consequently it is without novelty. It is standard to stare at others’ bodies when first trying out naturism, but steady gawking will make others uneasy and may result in being asked to leave.
In naturist clubs nobody flaunts or brings extra attention to themselves or their bodies. Voyeurs, who normally but not always outnumber exhibitionists, are requested to leave the camp or club if it becomes clear that they exist for the wrong motives. Practices like voyeurism are based on shock and stimulus, and so haven’t any place among naturists.
It truly is very important to stress the family version or unit exists within naturist social worlds, and those families aren’t there to have their kin and particularly their kids, exploited in any sense of the word.
The Nudist Club Experience
Some naturist clubs and resorts are cooperatives (this means that the members possess the club collectively), but many are privately owned. For the average naturist both types of clubs are good choices to see and explore.
People and Culture at Nudist Clubs
Again, everything loved by the typical tourist is enjoyed by the nudist – only without clothing.
It really is very important to research a naturist club before visiting. Each club has its own unique unique style and demands. Finding the correct fit is very important to making the experience a positive and memorable one.
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not amused from the missionary zeal that prompts us to press our notions of decency upon them while being

insensitive or opposed to theirs.” 37 Julian Robinson adds: “Eighteenth and nineteenth century missionaries and
colonial administrators were blissfully blind to their particular spiritual, cultural and sexual prejudices, and to the
symbolism of the very own tribal adornments–their tight-laced corsets, powdered wigs, constricting shoes as well as designs of
outer garments wholly unsuited to colonial life. These missionaries and administrators however took it upon
themselves to expunge all those ‘pagan, barbaric and savage kinds of body packaging’ which failed to conform to
their body covering standards. . . . Thus the social and symbolic significance of the conventional types of body
decoration which had evolved over countless generations were, oftentimes, ruined eternally.” 38
from 1847 to 1877 . . . Drifted across Africa bearing every adversity but when he went back to
England he acquired a notable speech to the Manchester Chamber of Commerce. He described to the audience how
many natives there were in the Congo, as well as the fact that they lived naked. He told the audience that their obligation as
Christians was to convert these misguided nude savages to Christianity and to the wearing of clothes. And when
this missionary work had advanced sufficiently to convince the natives of the need for wearing clothes on Sunday,
Forthwith the crowd
rose to its feet and cheered him.” 39
25. Most anthropologists consider modesty an improbable basis for the growth of garments.
“The great bulk of scholars . . . have unhesitatingly regarded decoration as the
Motivation that led, in the first place, to the adoption of clothes, and consider the heat- and modesty-maintaining
functions of apparel, however significant they might later on become, were only found once the wearing of clothes
had become habitual for other reasons. . . . The anthropological evidence consists mainly in the truth that among the
most primitive races there exist unclothed although not undecorated peoples.” 40 Anthropologists concur nearly
unanimously with this point.41
26. Many psychologists and anthropologists believe that modesty about exposure of the body may well be a
Effect of wearing clothes, rather than its cause.42
27. It’s interesting to notice that it is only possible to be immodest once an accepted type of modesty has
been established.43
28. Modesty with respect to nudity is a social happening, not biologically instinctive. This really is evidenced
From the fact that nudity is venerated in art.44
Naturism promotes sexual health.
29. Nudity is not, by itself, erotic, and nudity in mixed groups isn’t inherently sexual.
propagated by a clothing-obsessed society. Sexuality is a question of intent instead of state of attire.
In our culture, a person who shows their sexual parts for any reason is considered to be . It
is presumed they stripped to attract attention and create a sexual reaction in others. This is viewed as a perversion.
Hypocritically, if a person dresses specially to arouse sexual interest, thought to have pride in their
appearance. Even if they get great sexual gratification out of the focus others give, there is no suggestion of
perversion or sexual fixation.
30. Nudists, as a group, are fitter sexually than the general citizenry.
Nudists are, usually, far more comfortable with their bodies than the public, and this contributes to
a more relaxed and comfortable attitude toward sexuality generally.
31. Sexual gratification in married couples reveals a correlation to their level of comfort with nudity.45
32. Studies show significantly less incidence of casual premarital and extramarital sex, group sex, incest,
and abortion speeds.47
34. Clothes enhance sexual enigma along with the potential for unhealthy sexual fantasies.
Photographer Jock Sturges says, “our arbitrary demarcations [between garments and nudity, sexual and
America sells
everything with sex and then recoils when presented with all the realities of natural process.” 48 C. Willet Cunnington
writes: “We must thank the Early Fathers for having, albeit unwillingly, created a way of thinking from
which men as well as women have developed an art that has furnished . . . so many novel means of exciting the sexual
Hunger. Prudery, it appears, provides mankind with never-ending aphrodisiacs, therefore, without a doubt, the unwillingness to abandon
it.” 49

AANR And FKK – Wondering What Went Down?

The Issues Between AANR and FKK Explained
AANR and FKK – Hey everybody I am back from my small hiatus! All the craze of the vacations and throwing our Unclothed Year’s Eve bash put out the blogging, but now here’s the latest news of us.
You may have seen some on-line yak in a few locations about us and AANR- The America Association For Nude Recreation. If you haven’t you’ve got a lot to catch up on too! We started up in press releases, blogs and opinions, and so forth.
AANR and Nudist Portal
First check out this press release we sent out, “Young Nudists Show the AANR how it’s done”. (That got their attention.)
Then our buddy Nudiarist interviewed and wrote us an excellent post on his website! Read here.
Next, their site response about us, “Can Not nudist groups just all get along?” The comments are very interesting to read!
Then there’s additionally Nudiarist’s followup site, “Disappointing Response from AANR” which has some comments to read too.
Last, but not least, our reply in a press release!
“Naturist Portal Reponse to AANR”
Young Naturists & Nudists America was founded to promote the naturist movement and through this movement, body recognition, notably among the 18-35 generation. Despite what our name might imply, we do not have an age limit, and we accept all individuals regardless of race, body jewelry, sexual orientation, single or not single, etc. We understand about other young naturist groups, such as young family nudist pics ‘ve even been involved with Vita Nuda in Florida, but understood its lack of presence in the northeast since its origin.
We contacted AANR through different avenues, but they did not respond. So we put out a press release and at last got some focus! For the record, we weren’t looking for inexpensive headlines or to knock the AANR, but rather to make them take notice of the younger people in the movement and the role that they’ve / should play. Also, it is easy to have a following in areas like Florida, but to create something in our area it appears like if things are hard then organizations aren’t willing to invest time and money. With the funds that big organizations have, why do 3 young folks must invest all their savings and most of the time to create something while the greatest organization doesn’t even offer any recognition let alone support?
We should all get along, and for FKK it’s more of a moral problem. In all honesty, the movement is one thing and money is another thing. We’re among the only groups we know of that’s willing to lose time and money for the cause. Just like any business or movement, FKK will have to locate a means to make some money as well; otherwise we won’t be able to survive, but that’s in no way our main aim.
Lastly, we welcome criticism, ideas and views so if anyone has any issue with FKK or its members then please try to contact us directly first, in place of assaulting us from afar.
Since the beginning of all this yak AANR has e-mailed us, apologized for miscommunication and posted a mention about our approaching Bare Year’s Eve on their site, so for that you want to thank them. We hope to create a positive line of communication from here on out and possibly some cooperation as time goes by!
We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Nudiarist for his devotion to the cause and excellent site. Keep up the good work!
YouthfulYoung Naturists & Young Naturists America
That’s the whole story! Please comment and let’s know what you think of it all! It is always good to ignite discussion 🙂
Young Naturists and Nudists America FKK
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Author of Nudist Website. Co-founder of Nudist Portal. 3rd-generation nudie. Avid reader. Feminist. After I’m not active eating, I’m writing about naturism, censorship, topfree equality, body image and other fun subjects. I like feedback, so plz leave a comment when you’ve got something to say!

Naturist Girls vs Mother Nature

Guest Site By: Anon
Everybody is blogging these days, so I determined to join the trend and offer you my thoughts on a subject that’s dear to me: naturist girls. (I sign it as Anonymous since I don’t want to lose any of my naturist women friends!)
Dear Naturist Girls:
I wish you had leave nature alone.
Mother Nature is this awesome artist! Each human body is in balance with regards to size, shape and color. No two women’s bodies are exactly the same, but each is lovely and is just what it is supposed to be – when it is left alone (!). Shift just one thing, and the whole does not work.
It is about the complete look being in equilibrium. But look what happens when a nude girl wears make-up: her face appears plastic, phony, and the rest of her body seems washed out. It only seems check it .
Cherished Made-up Nude Girl, please wash your face so your appearance will maintain balance. You will look better that way.
The same applies to hair. Some tinting will happen, but please approximate Mother Nature’s schedule and palette.
A natural, naked elderly girl is amazing, but she’s unbalanced if her hair strives to look twenty-five.
You Are Naturally Wonderful!
And, at any age, there’s the issue of general color balance: there is the girl whose skin tone tells you that she didn’t used to be the redhead she’s now, and there’s the darker-skinned blonde. doesn’t work. They’re unbalanced. They’re not as beautiful as they were meant to be.
Natural Naturist Girls
About pubes: Images from nudist magazines of past years reveal girls with pubic hair. More recent pictures reveal most of the girls shaved, and the visual balance with the remaining part of the body is distressed.
But please do not over do it. Please leave enough to appear natural. Would you believe pubes are hideous? I don’t, and I think Barbie is boring.
(This is a biggie.) I ‘ve never seen a naked body part (or a entire naked girl) that appeared better because of a piece of jewelry or a tat. I understand the attractiveness of body decoration. It can be enjoyable. The piece of jewelry or the tat can be unusual and fascinating. It can be quite. It can make a statement. It can qualify you as an associate of a group.
Pubic Hair Image In The Naked to Bush Interview
If that’s what you need, go for it I don’t expect you to care what I prefer to see.
You may want to make sure that you appear different from everyone else, but you needn’t do anything for that – you are wonderfully distinct anyway.
Body Favorable Pubic Hair Naturial Beauty Art
You might want the ornamentation to draw focus from an alternate body part that you do not like, but that just reduces the whole amazing you.
I might believe, Oh, she’s gotten a nipple ring (or a tattoo, or jewelry, anywhere); but I would not think, Gee, that nipple ring really makes her look great!. It does not. As parts of your whole body, your nipples really are finer just as they are.
This treatise lacks gender equilibrium (duh), so please understand that I just do not care what guys look like. These are only one naturist guy’s opinions.
September 2012

Questions About Nudism That People Ask, are They Helpful or Hurtful?

Have Questions About Nudism?
Questions about naturism – All of us have them but many of them don’t ask them. These days, it seems that asking questions continues to be identified as a social faux pas, particularly if we’re asking a question of someone about a place by which they are different from ourselves.
Perhaps I must get a better filter for my mouth, but I often ask the questions as they come to my brain. For me, there are no good or awful questions or body parts, there are just respectful or disrespectful questions, particularly as it pertains to naturism!
Last summer, I encountered a man at my nudist camp who had many, many penis rings. This intrigued me: I’ve never met someone who’d at least 50 rings in his dick before. Keeping the questions in simply wasn’t going to happen, so I approached the man and noted the penis rings and asked if he’d mind a few questions about them since I’d never seen so many on one individual.
How in the world does he put clothing on? Is he capable to get through the airport security scan? Does it interfere with sex? And the list went on.
The gentleman had a great sense of humor and answered each question thoroughly so that something that utterly baffled me made sense afterwards. Questions do that: you ask them, get them answered, and understand them.
Have Questions About Nudism?
While questions often clear things up and help us to forge questions, somewhere in society we have been taught that asking questions is ill-mannered, a way of mocking others, and just plain disrespectful (notably in regards to naturismor nudism questions). as soon as I requested my niece one day about a mark on her face- which I thought was due to an injury- her mother prompted her to tell me that it’s not nice to make fun of her birthmark.
Frankly, I wasn’t making fun- I was asking what the mark was. I had a lot of teasing as a child because of my right eye being a lazy eye. This aids to train others and allows the air to be cleared.
Yet so many questions are no no’s. We can’t ask others about some sensitive topics and I really think that’s why there is so much hatred and bias in the world: we mock what we do not understand and we do not understand things that we don’t ask about. I do ask many questions but keep it to things I think I can get away with.
* Isn’t follow to have a dick hanging down your leg all day? (I asked this of a guy- I can not imagine having a dick t here to bother me all day.)
* Did you like it better to have hair or do you more appreciate the convenience of being hairless?
* What was it like to understand that you had been gay? What was the reaction of your loved ones?
Then there are the questions that I’d like to inquire, but don’t ask due to lack of assurance that the questions will be well-received due to the manner questions could be perceived:
* What could it be like to be Black? What prejudices and stereotypes influence you as an effect of your skin color?
* When people look at your amputation/ mastectomy scar, what goes through your mind? Are you currently alright with questions about that?
So what about you, dear readers? Can you ask questions? Are there limits from what you will ask? Are questions simply a way of making fun of people or can they be used to raise the love these days? Because, as we FKK’ers understand it is about the love.
* make sure to see Naturist Portal regularly to stay up-to-date on news that questions and thoughts that change you!
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36 year old nudist from Catskill, NY. Love life, hiking, rock climbing trees, writing, and helping people. Been a naturist since the age of 28 and discovered it to be a life changing way of living.

I took a picture first and sketched her next. I offered her a robe to wear in between sketches, but she did not need to place it on. She even walked away to the kitchen to get a drink and visited the toilet, all in the nude. I told her of my “secret” want to have a naturist lifestyle free from judgement. She decided to challenged me to model in the nude with her for the last pic. I took her up on her suggestion and after seeing the picture, I was astonished at how natural we seemed, like we didn’t even notice we were not wearing clothes.

I understood after that, I ‘d to learn more. I was scoping areas for a great long time for the approaching spring. I understood of the church I went to a very long time ago with my friend and his grandma. From that point on there was a field, then a hayfield and beyond that there was nothing but wooded places for miles. There was only one street light on the highway, and the only other light was the light in the church’s shed. I ‘d my strategy – In springtime I would go past the property and attempt being nude outside for my initial time!
Subsequently, as if merely for me, it happened. We had an extremely unusual warm run of weather for 2 weeks in January. This set me a little bit on edge because I knew they could see me pull in the parking lot. Once you past the parking lot and drive on the grass, you can not see pass twenty feet .
The next night, after work, I determined to drive past and see how I felt. At twelve thirty they just had their family room light on and I could still see move but I decided that it was the right spot. I needed some coffee, therefore I drove to a convince shop where I had a cup of coffee and listen to the radio for a little while. Then I decided I might drive back and see if these people were the sort that left their lights on all night. It was now close to 2:00 am. The lights were all out so I decided that this would be it.
I visited a neighborhood Walgreen’s (15 minutes away) and purchased a little torch. I drove back and waited in the lot. I waited for 30 more minutes. Not one individual, automobile, as well as cat went past. It was simply filled with the sound of the of the leaves of rustling in the wind. I drove my car previous church on the grass and all the way to the ditch, where I knew the property finished. The neighbors did not hear me at all. I went behind the auto from the road and began my stage one of undressing.
I took off my boxer shorts and T shirt and only wore my sneakers, pants and hoodie. I determined the less clothes the better. I started walking, bound over the ditch and walked down till I was about 10 feet from your woods.
I located an area where the tree branches would not get in just how and started to undress. Underneath my work trousers I wore nothing. I took a deep breath, slid them off, folded them neatly and put click on a nearby tree branch. I was totally unclothed outside! I was not frightened, embarrassed or anything. In needed to give a shout of triumph but decided not to press my luck. I walked away from my clothing, which had my wallet, keys and everything else I desired in actuality. I was going to use the flashlight, but the moonlight was enough.
Before I knew it I had to be at least 100 feet into the woods and a great way from my clothes. It was amazing. Ihiked unclothed and for a couple of moments I thought I had been followed by a small animal. But that wasn’t the case. I felt like the “natives” who first settled the land.
Before I understood, it was an hour later and I knew I ‘d to go back. I used my light to find my things but oddly enough, I actually decided to not put them on. I needed this new discovered nude and free feeling to last forever and was not ready to give it up!
I walked all the way to my car naked and got dressed there. I spent time nude/ naked outside like a realnaturist! I went back the following two nights.
If you should be still determining if to try it or not then I say do it. The freedom of being naked and the feeling of being yourself entirely naked outside, especially in nature, is simply astonishing!
This web log about being naked outdoors and nude outsidefor the first time was published by Young Nudists and Naturists website FKK
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Guest blogs written solely for Naturist Portal.New Nudism And Younger Nudists

As for “closed” groups – FKK has one of the largest and most active naturist / naturist Facebook groups. That group has over 7,000 individuals in it and it is a “closed” group. Closed groups are groups where people can not see the posts, but they can see who is in it. Such a group may also be found via investigation and are easy to discover.

It’s invisible to everyone else and cannot be found in searches. You can only join if another group member or admin adds you to it. The benefit of secret groups is the fact that nothing will pop up on anybody’s timeline.
FKK has a few secret groups, for example:
1 – Women Only – We created this group just for girls as a safe spot to discuss sex-related or other important issues.
2 – Men Only – Same as the women merely group, we created this group simply for men to talk about problems that they feel more comfortable talking about among other guys.
Since we get countless requests to join weekly, sometimes folks can get in that don’t belong. But that is the world we live in. We deal with these individuals on a case by case basis and will not hesitate to kick someone out if they don’t behave appropriately and respectfully.
We have countless individuals who help us with the overwhelming amount of management which is needed to maintain a happy and positive group.
But still there is the inevitable play. In general, people are very opinionated and outspoken online. Far more than in person. They’re also fast to judge and even quicker to shame and bully. It’s like the Wild West.
Recently, I personally have been a popular topic of discussion in quite a few Facebook groups. On those threads, I have been accused of everything from reporting pictures of other naturists, to buddy-requesting too many individuals, to promoting pornography and at some point I was blamed for endangering the future of naturism.
Full disclosure – Yes, I do click on buddy recommendations that Facebook offers me (though I have not been active previously couple of weeks). When folks say that I’m a terrible person for friend requesting people I might not have met, all I’ve to say is – grow up. I also don’t have any way of knowing if I’ve previously sent someone a friend request so if you are worried about clicking that button to deny my request again, you’re able to simply block me and never must see a single thing I post ever again. You may also readily just deny the request – I actually do not get the play surrounding this problem. It really is one click and that is it. It appears like that is simply a “huge issue” because certain people are actively looking for any reason to discredit me / FKK.
The problem that I ‘ve is that some nudists out there are just downright mean. For example a girl posted that I reported her pictures to Facebook which induced them to be removed. I have no idea why someone would say this kind of thing since we’ve been among the most vocal individuals fighting against Facebook censorship. For the record, we presume reporting other naturists’ photos is a despicable action and we honestly don’t have the time or energy to even think along those lines. The girl spreading the rumors never reached out to me directly to ask me about it. After I found out what she was saying and contacted her, she did not even have the common decency to reply to my message.
This kind of behaviour is just juvenile. Gossiping, pointing fingers, stirring the pot and then hiding. Needless to say, that individual was taken off the group.
People should understand just how need to handle each and every day. Specially when it comes to behavior problems. Since we need to shield individuals in our groups, we take swift and harsh action. So far, I have to say the interaction in our groups is excellent. Folks are actually using it as place for connecting and discuss private and social dilemmas.
Another fact that folks decide to ignore is it is . We created it and devote hours to keeping it. If you don’t like us or our group then you can simply leave – it’s that easy. No drama needed.
I think the reason why some people have an adverse view of us is the fact that we act. We will jump in if someone is misbehaving. We don’t only sit back and let things occur. You will not see ego-driven programs. You will not see many of the things that other groups may let slide. Our activities are indicative of our morals and ethics and since we are sung, individuals often see us as confrontational.

My Experience at Hippie Hollow Park

A Hippie Hollow Review and Experience:
As a college student at UT-Austin, I spent many pleasurable hours at nearby Lake Travis. My pals and I’d drive to one of the many little coves on the lake and spend the afternoon swimming, windsurfing, or simply soaking up Texas sun.
It is encompassed by 270 miles of shoreline with numerous secluded coves, and it’s been stocked with many species of important game fish.
I’m not much of a fisherman. I can’t even swim, so the scuba diving and windsurfing activities were not especially appealing to me. I went to sunbathe and hang out with my buddies.
Hippie Hollow was among the many secluded coves of Lake Travis. It wasn’t any nicer or worse than the other coves, but the nudist aspect was of great interest to me as a young college male.
I’d never been to a nude beach before. To be honest, at that time I’d never seen many naked people in any setting, but that was my main interest in Hippie Hollow. I pictured it to be some wonderland of naked college women who would be lounging around on the coastline for free viewing. In some of my more ecstatic moments, I envisioned nude volleyball contests, nude Frisbee, and nude gymnastics. The suitability of a sand for gymnastics, clothed or unclothed, never entered into my hormone-driven thoughts.
One of my college buddies was a young woman from France. She had an incredibly nonchalant approach towards unclothed beaches. They are, seemingly, not a big deal in France. Once I kept returning to the matter repeatedly, she eventually asked if I want to go to Hippie Hollow Park with her and her friends that weekend. I agreed immediately.
Swiming Naked at Hippie Hollow Park
Her casual attitude toward nudity didn’t extend as far as sex. I had already asked her. To her, unclothed sunbathing and sex were vastly different things. When we arrived at the cove, she removed her top and cut off shorts at the auto. I can’t quite describe her approach. It was like pity, humor, and disdain all rolled into one.
When the route exited the surrounding shrubs, my dreams were shattered. Most of individuals at the sand were old. They were 40-something, as well as older. Many had weathered skin and white or grey hair. The great majority of them were man. There were a few topless girls there, but none went bottomless. We sat with my buddy’s friends, all of whom were guys, and a Swede named Gunnar kept making jokes with me about sunblock lotion.
The people at Hippie Hollow barbecued lunches. They skinny dipped. Some folks played Frisbee, but there was no unclothed volleyball. There were definitely no gymnastics.
Hippie Hollow was not about sex. It wasn’t even really about naturism. The culture of that area was more about relaxation and attuning to nature. I was big ass beach to comprehend it at the time, but hindsight has a clarity that youthful acuity cannot fit. The fact that Gunnar seemed to comprehend, wile I did not, that the naturist culture was about much more than naked bodies or sexual urges troubles me to this day.
That was nearly 25 years past. The fact that one among those two things has flourished while the other has virtually vanished should give interested new visitors something to ponder.
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