that there was an archaic naked picture of Heracles which was considered to be the

procession has been found in Nigeria. [See E. R. Dennett, The Religious and political System of the Yoruba
(London, 1910). p, 951. At Trani, by Naples, a huge wooden phallic image called “II Santo Membro” was carried
in procession per annum until the eighteenth century. (See Rawson, Crude Erotic Art, p. 75). During the latter
part of the nineteenth century, in large cities of Japan phallic holidays happened in which tremendous floats were
Demonstrated. At several of these holidays, a surging mass of almost nude young men carried a enormous papier-mch
phallus. Occasionally While in college, I went with some friends from my dorm to a shore just south of Santa Cruz. . [See Micheal Czaja, Gods of Myths and Stone (Awesome York, 1974). p. 1741.
There’s enough evidence to show that phallic processions were standard in many states and were of great
antiquity. Herodotos (2.48-49) also mentions similar phallic processions in Egypt.
40. Kenneth Clark, The Nude: A Study of Ideal Art (London, 1957). pp. 162. 163.
41. For these observations made about Heracles see John Mouratidis. “Heracles at Olympia and the
Exclusion of Women from the Ancient Olympic Games,”Journal of Sport History 11 (Winter 1984): 41-55.
42. Bonfante, Etrusron Dress, p. 28. The Chaldaeans covered as a rule with considerable drapery the sorts of their
gods; but for the goddess of love and fecundity, and the demigod whom many compare to the Greek Heracles,
they had recourse to all the frankness of nudity (see Perrott and Chipiez, History of Art in Phrygia, p. 92).
43. See Ruth Glynn, “Heracles, Nereus and Triton: A Study of lconography in Sixth Century Athens,”AJA
85 (1981): 121-132; John Boardman, Greek Sculpture: The Archaic period (New York and Toronto, 1978), p. 261;
idem, Archaic Greek Gems (London. 1968). n 210, 198; idem, Greek Gems and Finger Rings: Early Bronze Age
IO Lav Classical (London, 1970). pl. 266.
44. E. Norman Cardiner, Olympia: Irs History and Remains (Oxford, 1925). p, 221. figs. 111,112


Journal of Sport History, Vol. 12, No. 3 (Winter, 1985)
work of Daidalos.45 Normally, the hero is depicted naked in early Greek art
which represents old legends. One cannot escape the conclusion that these early
Bare looks of the hero were based on the uncontestable authority of
tradition. On Heracles and his nudity, Evelyn Harrison stressed that:
There’s just one dweller in Olympos for whom the banqueting pose, the heroic
nudity, the short hair and the powerful physique are all actually characteristic and that
is Heracles. He alone comes bare into the presence of Zeus and the other gods.
The nudity of the sportsman, the fighter, the laborer is his, and it is the authentic mark of his
identity, the badge of his career.46
Heracles’ nudity is in accordance with the observations made above about the

phallic symbolism4′ and the nudity of the warrior-athlete. He was the most
popular hero of the Greeks, known as alexikakos and apotropaios (an averter of
evils) as strong and great, as creator of the Olympic Games, as a helper in all
Issues, as a great athlete, as the guardian of the race, as an averter of death,
as a naked warrior-athlete par excellence, as the hero of heroes, and as a
guardian angel.
It really is reasonable to assume that since Heracles was the hero in whose honour

the Olympic Games were perhaps held, afterward his protges, the sportsmen, were
trying to copy the nudity as well as a few other characteristics of their patron.
From earliest times, the Greek gods and heroes boastfully displayed their
physical energy and needed such a show from their zealots and enthusiasts.
The substance signs demonstrates that the warrior-athlete was not a winning
theme for the artists of the late Geometric interval (750-700 B.C.). The sportsmen
of this period carried no weapons and wore no helmets. More emphasis has
been given to the bodies of the sportsmen and especially to their long arms and
Powerful legs, rather than to their aggressive and warlike attributes. In the ProtoAttic and Proto- When I was like 18 I ‘d started seeing this girl who lived in an apt with her mom. After dinner and , there are no traces of the warrior-athlete. The
last fifty years of the 8th century was probably the interval when the nudity of the

warrior-sportsman developed into athletic nudity. This was the same interval when
the widespread practice of hero cults, linked with competitive games
Happened. The popularity of athletics and numerous practical factors
were responsible for the change from the warrior-athlete’s nudity to athletic
nudity. It’s very vital that you keep in mind that the last part of the 8th century is
by tradition the eve of the start of nudity in Greek athletics and is the
45. Pausanias 2.4.5. Farnell (Greek Hero Cults, p. III) regarded this naked image of Heracles as Dorian
dedication of about 600 B.C.
46. Evelyn Harrison, “Athena and Athens in East Pediment of Parthenon,” AJA 71 (1967): 44.
47. Farnell said that the Lacedaemonian cult of the “Finger of Heracles,” assumed to have been bitten off by


FKK started in the early 1980s as what seemed to many to be the younger–and possibly estranged–sister to the elderly and bigger American Sunbathing Association (now AANR). In its first decade nevertheless, FKK matured to take the leading part in America on the issue of nudity on public lands. As AANR and FKK enter the year 2008, both admit that that they and other naturist organizations should work collectively if they are to continue to grow and be effective. FKK has, from the earliest years, sought out opportunities to work with other like-minded groups. The attempts to form inter-organizational coalitions like the Naturist/Nudist Leadership Council are an example. FKK has also, when the opportunity has presented itself, actively sought ties with naturist groups beyond the United States. On June 14-18,1986, FKK representatives and two dozen others from the U.S., Greece, Chile, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Finland, and India met for the first International Conference on Nude Beaches, held at Antiparos, Greece. Angelos Mimikopoulos of Greece proposed the notion to FKK in 1983, but it took three years to bring the conference to fruition. Attendees offered position papers on many different subjects relating to free beach philosophy and history. The chain of meetings was chaired by Lee Baxandall. The following year, Mimikopoulos, Baxandall, and Johanna Moore replied to the suggestion of photo-journalist Leif Heilberg, organized a second International Conference on Nude Beaches, which took place in Hungary from June 27 to July 5, 1987. This again drew naturist leaders from around the world. A third such occasion was coordinated by FKK for June 31-July 7, 1990 in the Provence region of France.

Trade Association For Nude Recreation

While focusing on the promotion of nudism through successful public relations and seeking to work with a diverse group of naturist and nudist organizations, FKK has also pushed for higher standards of business practice at landed facilities. The ASA formed the Trade Association for Nude Recreation at their 1987 Club Owners Assembly, a group long-nurtured by James Hadley of Florida. TANR was to serve the business interests of all entrepreneurs concerning nude recreation. At TANR’s 1990 company assembly, FKK was requested to volunteer by Hadley, and was then elected to take a move as TANR’s administrative representative. This meant that for the next couple of years TANR’s “headquarters” would be in Oshkosh. FKK was happy to oblige this service because it supported TANR’s efforts to define and raise the objects of fkk clubs and resorts. Stephen Payne, then one of the owners of Desert Shadows Inn in beachteensnude , California, shared FKK’ concern for landed clubs standards. Too many naturist clubs were supplying shoddy service, filthy lodging, and fair food, and t here was no way to hold them to any industry standard. At the November 16-19, 1992 TANR assembly at Cypress Cove in Florida, Payne challenged the naturist and naturist business leaders there to enhance their standards and to quit catering to the easy, fast cash of sleazy lingerie shows, naked beauty pageants, and wet T-shirt contests. He encouraged them to stand up for naturist principles and not to give nudism’s critics something to point to. Payne and Baxandall saw eye-to-eye on this point, and consequently when Payne proposed he’d call his awesome resort ” The Naturist Society’s Desert Shadows Inn” Baxandall was delighted to have him do so. Payne, and co-owners Linda Payne, Ray Lovato, and Sue Lovato then went on to establish a paradigm of superiority in naturist resort business practice with Desert Shadows.
The Naturist Society Network: Policies Support Inclusion Of Singles, Homosexuals, Families, Women

Catholicism and Naturism – What does the Catholic Church Believe?

Problems Pertaining to Catholicism and Naturism:
Present thinking within the Roman Catholic Church opposes the practice of naturism or naturism, as some practitioners choose to call it, seeing the practice in battle with among the crucial values of Catholicism, modesty. The Church follows this value back to a number of twelve desired character traits recorded in the biblical Book of Galatians.
Modesty is viewed as of self-respect and admiration for others with nudism an immediate contradiction to these principles. The importance of clothes can also be traced back to the biblical creation myth wherein God clothed Adam and Eve, the progenitors of mankind in this tradition, after they gained knowledge of good and evil through disobedience. The fundamental principle here is that nudity is considered bad.
Historically, Catholic toleration for nudity of any kind has waxed and waned. During the Renaissance Era, best remembered for the works of artists like Michelangelo, works of art and statuary depicting unclothed figures occasionally drew criticism in the Church hierarchy. Specifically, the nudity depicted in the Sistine Chapel drew condemnation from Pope Adrian VI and other highly placed members of the clergy.
The Pope desired to see the pictures stripped completely; nonetheless, just a number of images were changed in later years to hide nude images in accordance with an official measure, associated with the Council of Trent in 1563, condemning the usage of nudity in spiritual artwork.
Today, the Sistine Chapel is one of the most visited and revered areas open to public viewing via the Vatican Museums. The artistic nudity depicted here is not a point of major controversy. The museum, such as the chapel, have become a source of revenue and positive public relations for the Church.
In the early twentieth century, some small scale reversal was seen in policies toward nudity, including permission in the Abbe of a catholic school in France who encouraged unclothed sunbathing near Marseilles 1907. This example failed to represent a change in church doctrine, but instead an exception to the rule of thumb within the spiritual world.
Even as naturism increased in popularity in society as a whole during this period, the movement was mostly different in nudist beaches of faith, particularly traditional Catholicism.
Portrait of Adam & Eve by Lucas Cranach the Elder
In 1935, based on Time magazine, in address just prior to Lent, Pope Pius XI declared particular condemnation of nudism as a form of paganism as well as equating the practice with blasphemy. At the exact same time in US, the state legislature of New York made it illegal to show private parts in public, thus outlawing nudism. The law received widespread resistance from the general public, especially humanists; nevertheless, the National Catholic Welfare Conference voiced their support of the anti-nudism provision. This organization as such no longer exists.

Again returning to modern day, the official stance by the Church is that nudism is wrong. Nonetheless, naturists who are practicing Catholics continue to exist and even participate in naturist groups online where they self-disclose their religious affiliation. Essentially, Catholics continue to practice naturism and adopt nudity even without support or effective toleration from their religious organization or its hierarchy. A dynamic discussion exists online over the matter without any indication of resolution in sight. The Church often voices its objections to festivals and events including naturism, even in European nations in addition to in the US.
Clip from National Geographic’s show “Taboo: Nudity,” featuring an organization of Catholic naturists who worship in the nude.
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Nude Girls Reading – Who Wouldn’t Love A Naked Reading?

Naked Girls Reading In Is Reviewed by FKK
Naked Girls Reading NYC – If you’re seeking some entertaining nudity christmas spirit-ness, this Thursday December 16th check out “Naked Girls Reading ‘A Christmas Carol'”! From what I Have read and heard it’s basically a group of burlesque women that perform readings of a number of literature completely naked (no pasties or anything). As far as I know tickets are still accessible. But I Will be waiting for Nude Men reading A Christmas Carol.
My buddy Sandy sent me a past review he wrote of Naked Girls Reading Science Fiction from last winter. Read on for an interesting and well-written review!
“I went to Naked Girls Reading Science Fiction for various reasons, not necessarily in this order:
1) Sure – went to see the pretty nude girls. (They were really pretty and nude.)
2) I have long had a curiosity about the status of nudity in this country, heightened by all the reading I’ve been doing since Serge began with the early 20th Century German writings. So I was wondering what the hell nudity is being used for now.
(The fast answer, in this case, is non-sensual, but still really hot, “performance art”.) (What’s the sexy/sensual difference? It was unabashedly hot with a grin and a twinkle in the eye, and therefore not sexual.) (Eroticism takes itself quite seriously.)
Naked Girls Reading in New York City
3) I am curious about my own responses to nudity under different conditions.
nr 3 – my results. I was quite conscious of Parmelee’s utopian dream of a society where nudity would be utterly common – an acceptable costume under all circumstances. With that in mind, last night’s nudity having little or nothing to do with the readings can be interpreted as nudity being simply a preferred costume style.
When I am at Rock Lodge, I view nudity as being totally average. Yesterday, for the most part, I found it not average in any respect. Why? Because from the name of the show alone it was presented as a unique component, presumed to be hot, which drew folks in although it didn’t promote the reading of science fiction.
As a sub set to that, my reaction shifted depending on accessories. All the girls were bare from crotch to collar bone. Barbara, the librarian, wore nothing at all and I found that to be common and comfortable – as if we were at Rock Lodge.
The others wore differing blends of stockings, gloves, hats, weird make up and big jewelry; their nudity wasn’t common at all; I experienced (delightful) discomfort and I was a voyeur. Common theory says that much of today’s garments heightens sexual consciousness by making a point of covering the sexual organs. With the girls last night, other body parts were covered, attracting very sexual focus on the naked crotch-to-collar bone place.
Picture this: You’re in the front row. The stage is four feet away and is raised four feet. Naked readers stand at a microphone at the front of the stage. Get ? If attention-drifts from science fiction, one can not help pondering the comparative effectiveness of waxing. Extremely difficult to not be a voyeur! (So I did not attempt.)
A really interesting aspect of last night was the middle-class crowd of around 50 was about 1/3 normal seeming girls of varying ages, evidencing to me that the times they are a-changin’, that nudity is not such a big deal and is OK as a performance costume when it’s not simply a peep show.
Bottom line: I appreciated it for multiple reasons, I’m on their e-mail list and I probably will go again (even though their show next month will be Naked Girls Reading Tween Lit).”
(Mr.) Sandy K.
Thank you Sandy!
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Writer of Nudist Blog. Cofounder of Naturist Portal. 3rd-generation nudie. Avid reader. Feminist. 70% vegan, 30% vegetarian. When I’m not active eating, I am writing about naturism, censorship, topfree equality, body image and other fun subjects. I like feedback, so plz leave a comment when you have got something to say!

Issues Pertaining to Naturism And The Cell Phone

Naturism And The Cell Phone – Earlier this week I blogged about cell phones here and in other places. Why? Because my campground is thinking about developing a new cell phone policy. I must confess that my initial reaction to hearing discussion about this was aggravation and exasperation because the policies are typically created due to people demonizing the cell phone.
In these past few days by which discussions about cell phones at naturist resortshas been quite prevalent through the naturist world, I am now , very happy with my naturist campground for thinking about a cell phone policy. Why, you ask? Because we are among the first clubs to really THINK about and discuss the policy. I’m all for thinking! Yay to my camp!!!!!
The discussions this past few days has caused me to think, too. I’ll share below some of the new thoughts that have become obvious to me:
Naturism And The Cell Phone
1) This is not entirely an age issue as I originally thought. ‘m learning that many mature adults adore their cell phones just as much as I (and other young folks) do! Yay older people!!!
2) It seems that the cell phone and other technology is being blamed for people’s poor behaviour. A cell phone does not shoot graphics by itself thus, instead of considering a policy for cell phones (and Nooks and Kindles and all sorts of other things) maybe it would be wiser to talk about the picture-taking policy and the effects of not following it. I hadn’t actually thought about this, but it actually does make sense.
3) There seems to be an alternative standard for club attendees and service people at the clubs. When the petrol man or the cable guy comes on to the camp’s grounds, folks do not think twice about him or her having a cell phone. But if your member or day visitor has a cell phone, somehow this is an issue. Why are members and day visitors more suspicious than service providers? This is curious if you ask me.
4) One friend pointed out that we can prohibit all cell phones and electronic books and iPads and the list goes on, but, truly, if you’re a true bad guy who wants images of nude people, all you need to do is drive down to Walmart and buy a pencil with a camera and videocamera built-in to it. Pencils are not banned, right? This brings us back to #2.
5) In thinking about the public at a naturist camp, it’s almost funny that folks are so worried about pictures in the first place. Most naturist camps have a high ratio of elderly people (seniors and such) and in addition they have the same high percentage of people that are heavy and such. Yes, we’re accepting of every body and we love ourselves regardless of what the outside world thinks of us, but, well, are unclothed photos of grandma and grandpa or people that have imperfect bodies (we have no airbrushes here at camp! lol) really in that high of a demand? I do not say this to be impolite, it’s just a idea to contemplate.
So, no answer has yet been found. But that is ok because folks are speaking about the subject, thinking about it, and assessing it. That, my friends, is the beginning of common sense prevailing with this issue. And isn’t common sense the greatest answer, anyhow?

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36 year old naturist from Catskill, NY. Love life, hiking, climbing trees, writing, and helping people. Been a naturist since the age of 28 and discovered it to be a life altering way of living.

New Approach to Nudism By the Young Naturists

Our new approach to naturism – We would like to announce some changes to our FKK members and followers. As you are likely well aware, we (Felicity Jones and Jordan) have been investing every waking moment of the day as well as every last penny we have in creating this excellent naturist community of amazing people. After two and a half years, and with little support, we are proud of what we have had the opportunity to accomplish thus far.
We’ve been perceived as the black sheep of the naturist movement practically from day one and while there have been many people who have done whatever they could to squash our efforts, we’re still here. We had expected the naturist movement in addition to naturist companies would welcome this new mainstream approach but we did underestimate just how un-evolved the movement was and still is.
A New Approach To Nudism at FKK
A New Way Of Nudism at FKK – Love, Liberty, Approval!
The core issues, that we are always confronted with, are that naturist leaders and business owners:
Don’t understand how the internet functions
Do not believe in spending any money to attract new business
Are afraid of the “outsiders”
Are closed minded when it comes to innovation
Do not take constructive criticism well
Can’t communicate efficiently and don’t react rapidly
Aren’t open-minded enough for the present way people think
Are uncooperative and incredibly secretive
Lack the abilities and willingness to learn the way to reach more folks
Aren’t willing to actively support other businesses and collaborate
Since we only can not force folks to change, we feel it is time for us to accept the facts. Till today, everything we have done was geared toward bringing more focus to everyone. We’re unhappy that here, in ., the primary naturist organizations and companies aren’t willing to actually listen and evolve the naturist movement. We’ll continue to work with naturist clubs and organizations, but we recognize that it is not up to us to ensure their survival. You’ll find reasons why organizations aren’t doing well and why clubs are seeing a decreasing number of members (particularly younger ones). But we can not compel folks to think long term, and we now understand that we should not even try.
So with that in mind, we’ve decided to do what is best for us: we will be scaling down our functioning. Over the next few days / weeks we’ll start to execute our new approach to nudism and FKK.
Here are some of the things you are able to expect to see occur:
Because of the overwhelming quantity of general e-mails that we get, we are going to now be responding to the majority of them once per week. If something is urgent then please make note of that in the issue of the e-mail. We will also be publishing content less frequently.
We will not be doing largely pro-bono work for naturism connected companies. If you want us to help, then we ask that you place value on our time. Up to now, we now have been spending our private savings to drive out and talk with individuals. Most resorts and clubs still billed us day fees even though we were there to help them. We also have done work for people / businesses at no cost.
With that said, we’ll continue to offer many services at very affordable rates. The advantage of working with us is that FKK knows this niche market and we have a sizeable following and existence. As summarized on our site, we can offer help and consultation services in the following areas – website optimization, design, online marketing, social networking, site marketing, niche marketing and outreach, event creation and promotion. We even can optimize pay per click campaigns (for Google) so that businesses will find yourself paying much less per click while achieving a higher ad positioning. And the list continues on.
While our rates are a fraction of what it’d cost in “external world,” we still have to manage to make something. So we request that you be understanding and respectful of our needs, should you choose to work with us.
We’ve been getting a boatload of emails mainly from the U.S., Canada, Australia and England. People actually want to FKK to do things in their own area. It has previously been reached by creating chapters in distinct places. Chapter leaders were responsible for blogging, arranging events often and keeping various social media. The idea was actually to create self sustaining groups which could generate their own funds and provide a revenue stream for whoever was in charge.
It was lots of work, and it proved to be too much for those leaders. Aside from NY / NJ, we haven’t found people who are capable and / or willing to invest the time and energy needed to cultivate a substantial following.
So, we’re creating another tier – the “FKK associate group.” The groups will be composed of one primary person who will function as group’s manager. This individual will be in charge of assuming any and all duty for that group. While the group will receive support from FKK, the prerequisites WOn’t be as demanding as they were for the chapters. The groups will essentially be as active or inactive as the leader needs it to be. If people in the group need more, then it will be up to them to make their voices heard or even to take over and / or help in the direction of that said group.
Nudist Groups are expected to abide by and apply the regulations and fashion of actions both online and offline.
Naturist Groups will receive support from FKK in the next ways:
Access to the FKK website for publishing content – this is key to broadening the exposure of any group.
Access to the FKK email newsletters – To advise people of what they’re doing.
FKK will use our social networks to establish the group – we are going to add folks that know from that area and declare the creation of the new group online.

Nudist Groups are expected to:
Behave according to the fashion of actions which is outlined on the FKK website
Respond to FKK when we contact them
Enlighten FKK instantly of any problems that arise
Remove any people who misbehave
We will soon begin to close down a number of our other chapters, but that will not mean that we are no more present. It just means that we are not accountable for creating the real community nor will we be actively and aggressively seeking to develop the group’s membership and subsequent. That is up to every single group to determine.
Take note that FKK is a structured movement. We do have checks and balances and people can not simply do whatever they wish whenever they feel like it. The most precious asset we have is our reputation, and that’s something we are not and will not be willing to endanger. We have no issue with closing down any group at any time or revoking the privileges if we feel that it is mandatory.
We will be implementing these changes in the near future, but will continue to do as much as we can to grow our FKK movement and to make a confident impact on naturism.
As always we welcome your ideas in the comments section below.

European Naturism from a Nordic Perspective

Naturism In Norway and European Nudity
Naturism In Norway – Last summer, my family was at a sand vacationing jointly with another family that we’ve known for years. Shortly after we arrived at the playa, the daddy of another family stripped his youngest child who was maybe three years old at the time naked and sent the youngster to play at the edge of the water. Almost as an afterthought he turned to me, with a look of anxiety on his face, and said You know it is OK that he’s naked, right?
Now, a little context this plage was not in the United States, but in Norway. It’s accustomed in Norway, and throughout Scandinavia for that matter, for young kids to play nude at seashores up until the age of about seven or eight.
That the daddy asked me if I knew it was OK struck me as odd at time, but in retrospect makes perfect sense. Despite the fact that he and I are both Norwegian, and we were in Norway, he still felt the need to assess with me to make sure I didn’t believe he was abusing his kid in some way. But because he and I both live in the U.S., and have spent a considerable portion of our lives here, we are keenly aware that the sight of naked kid in public immediately conjures images of child pornography rings and psychotic sex offenders.
Nudism In Norway – Famous naked statue by artist Gustav Vigeland found in a sculpture park in Oslo, Norway
The American perspective of nudity as sexual at best, and criminal at worst, is the single biggest problem the naturist community confronts. We frequently wish that everyone in America had exactly the same approach as residents of more liberal states. But why are those states like that in the first place? It’s often joked that many Americans can not even find North America on a map let alone states elsewhere. So we do not anticipate many folks to know what makes other countries tick socially.
For me, I can only speak for naturism in Norway, that is my country of origin. But many of the countries of Europe and elsewhere share certain social traits are very different from America and that make the people’s view of nudity considerably more forgiving. They comprise:
Mandatory Sex Education
Sex education is compulsory in Norway. There is absolutely no abstinence only option. (Like most nations, Norway isn’t subdivided into states that have powers different in the national government.) So there’s absolutely no shielding children in the realities of sex and the body. Sex educators have long argued that talking to kids early and often about sex goes a ways toward removing the taboo surrounding the issue, and makes them less likely to participate in it recklessly since they understand the possible impacts. It is no wonder in America, then, the demonization of sex and the equating of nudity with sex has made people fearful of investigating nudism.
National Broadcaster
Like many states, Norway has a government-owned broadcast business in addition to independently-owned media outlets. The mission of the national broadcaster will be to present the news never to make money. It’s financed by a small licensing that all families pay. Compare this to America, where media is just not only 100% privately-owned, but a sizeable portion is possessed by a little group of large businesses.
To keep the readers and the audience coming, privately-owned media needs sensational stories as well as the regular news. And because sex and nudity are the most-banned of all the forbidden fruits, they make to find the best news stories particularly when sensationalized. Nudity is seldom portrayed positively in American media, and is regularly presented in the context of what can only be called Nude Offense narratives about individuals committing crimes while they chance to be unclothed (not because they are nude, though that significant difference is deliberately obscured in many cases).
Since national broadcasters are not profit-driven, the sleaze amount is close to zero. (For an English-language example of a national broadcaster, research the British Broadcasting Company [BBC]).
Lesser Role for Faith
The countries of Scandinavia are known because of their near-complete dearth of spiritual fervor. Despite espousing Christianity near the end of the Viking Age around 1,000 A.D., spiritual involvement has decreased significantly in Scandinavia over the past few decades. Around 20% of Scandinavians consider themselves believers, when compared with a much greater percentage in the United States.
Faith is probably the prime driver of anti-nudity opinion, both in America and other conservative states (though we in the nudist community understand, praise and support the contribution of spiritual naturist groups who are striving to illustrate that religion and naturism aren’t mutually exclusive). Maybe the most extraordinary example of body-shame is the burqa, a total-body cloak that’s required to be worn by many Muslim women.

As for Christianity, the dominant religion in America, we need not look any further than the first book of the Bible to understand why so many adherents are unclothed-averse. The story of Adam and Eve is among the Bible’s best known – and perhaps one of the most misunderstood. Much to the detriment of nudism, Eve’s activities in the Garden of Eden fall under the Naked Crime category. God was not displeased because Adam and Eve were naked. Rather, they had bitten into the apple in the Tree of Knowledge which God had expressly prohibited. He was tipped off just by the fact that the next time He saw them, they had covered up their touches. Nudity did not lead to the offense. But the crime was perpetrated while naked.
These are just a few of many differences that make the struggle for bare acceptance that much more challenging within the United States. I am not proposing that we can snap our fingers and transpose European societal ideals on our own, as nice as that would be. But what we do have to comprehend is the totality of the forces which are working against naturists.
Just as much as women are under-represented in the naturist community, thus are young adults of both genders. Despite all of the messages they receive about how nudity is poor, many of them don’t believe it at least not entirely. Our assignment mustn’t only be to practice naturism in defiance of these negative perceptions, but to instruct and provide opportunities for the naked-curious. Young and old, girls and boys. This battle will be uphill all the way, and none of the barriers in our path are going away any time soon.
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Gaviota meeting suggests that changes are statewide – not limited to a single park

Naturists on shores are who are impacted. It’s not a situation that can be resolved by offering an online “meetup group” at One Beach as an alternative for butts in the sand throughout the state.
Published by: Naturist Education Foundation, The Naked & Natural Newsletter – September 2011 variation
GAVIOTA STATE PARK, California – In a particularly distressing recent incident at Gaviota State Park, a California Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) ranger hadn’t only issued a citation for nudity a citation for nudity on the beach, he accompanied the ticket with a derisive talking to about the moral depravity of those who choose to be naked.
The gratuitous dressing down got the attention of Dennis Craig Smith. A famous author and long time naturist, Smith heads Friends of Gaviota and is an Area Representative for the Naturist Action Committee. Smith politely asked for a meeting with the DPR direction responsible for Gaviota.
Dennis Craig Smith, .
Such local assemblies, formal and otherwise, have not been uncommon. Just a little more than last year, on July 1, 2010, Smith and several Friends of Gaviota members had met with Daniel Lee Falat, Superintendent for Gaviota State Park, Refugio State Beach, and El Capitan State Beach, and with DPR’s Channel Islands District Superintendent Richard Charles Rozzelle. At that assembly, Falat said that his rangers would continue following protocol that has been based on the Rich Rozzelle Dan Falat Dennis Craig Smith, NAC Place Rep. Cahill Policy. That longstanding DPR policy accepted nudity, unless a complaint was made. In the event of a complaint, an established procedure allowed for the timely decrease of “user conflict,” and the subsequent restoration of personal independence for individuals who select nudity.
Rich Rozzelle
Having been set in place in 1979 by former DPR Director Russell Cahill, the Cahill Policy enabled a defective but effective means of managing for clothing-optional recreation in units of the State Park system. But when DPR Director Ruth Coleman signed a directive that terminated Cahill at San Onofre State Beach in 2008, the Parks Department was left without statewide policy regarding clothing optional recreation. While one national nudist organization expressed the notion that Cahill would remain in force at California state parks which weren’t named San Onofre, most naturists comprehended that dream to be neither credible nor reasonable.
Dan Falat
The Naturist Action Committee has pointed out since 2008 that if DPR could abrogate Cahill at one park, it could accomplish that at any park – or at all parks.

On September 1, 2011, Superintendent Falat and District Superintendent Rozzelle met with Dennis Smith and a small smattering of naturists in the DPR office at Refugio State Beach. Both Parks Department employees showed no hesitation in exposing Falat’s self-confidence from a year ago as the outright untruth it had become.
After the meeting, Smith sent an e mail to members of Friends of Gaviota. “I do wish I ‘d better news to report after our meeting with Rich Rozzelle and Dan Falat,” he wrote. “For way too long, we had productive meetings with Superintendent Danita Rodriguez and Officer Eric Hjelstrom, but yesterday the assembly signified very well that the state is intent on closing down the clothing-optional beaches on state park property.”
Smith continued: “The mantra was: the Cahill Policy is dead, and Regulation 4322 outlaws nudity on state park property.’ For decades we loved hassle free clothing discretionary use and this seems to be on the brink of being a thing of yesteryear. They’ve closed Trail #6 at San Onofre State Beach to nudity, and it seems clear they are intent on doing it on all the other naturist beaches in the state.”
A major objective of the assembly was to register anxiety and outrage at the combative and officious way the ranger had addressed the beachgoers to whom he was giving nudity citations. Smith reports that upon reference of the ranger’s demeaning morality lecture, “the disposition of the officials turned hostile rapidly, and we were accused of ‘slandering’ their officers.” Smith says that Rozzelle and Falat characterized naturists as “being the ones who have been abusive and ill-mannered to the park staff, who are just doing their duty.'”
Smith reminded Falat and Rozzelle of the combined efforts where Friends of Gaviota have participated over the years by sticking up for appropriate standards of conduct on the playa and by organizing strand clean-ups [NAC Newsletter, August, 2011]. Superintendent Falat dismissed the good works with a response that directly compared naturists to felons, saying: “If twenty cocaine users on a beach save a drowning man, we’ll still arrest em all”
Who’s slandering whom?
NAC board member Allen Baylis points out that it was DPR itself that made naturists into offenders. On one day, naturists were loving State Park shores officially, under the Cahill Policy. But by the following day, California Parks Director Ruth Coleman – a bureaucrat elected by no one – had signed a piece of paper rescinding the Cahill Policy. Unexpectedly, naturists in State Parks throughout the state were offenders.
Ticketing for nudity isn’t being confined to San Onofre nude beach and Gaviota. Citations have been given by DPR rangers at Garrapata State Park in Monterey County and Lake Perris State Recreation Area in Riverside County. However, those who recently accepted the DPR fiction that the Cahill Policy would continue being respected outside of San Onofre are now expected to adopt DPR’s next “project.”
“One Beach” isn’t merely the name of an online picture that’s being sponsored by a vintner. It is the working title of a DPR scheme to close all state parks to clothes-optional use – except for only ONE BEACH. Because the established naturist user group at that particular plage does not accept the new anti-nudity policy throughout the state, DPR and its accomplice are looking to an online “meetup group” as a replacement.
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details about military training in Sparta, or, in

Athens, about the historical association of the ephebeia
before I have been attending clothes-optional pagan assemblies for in 335 B.C. Gymnastic exercises and the Pyrrhic dance must have played an important part as a prep for war.74 The Athenian
pyrrhic, or armed dance, was performed naked at the
Panathenaia and involved choruses from the Athenian
tribes.75 The tradition of the warrior sportsman who participated in armed My first nude beach experience happened today at Haulover Beach. When I first got there and races, still being held in
the Classical period, may, as Mouratidis noted, have

of the continuingdominanceof the aristocracyin a transforming
environment.”Murray’s views in Early Greece have been
developedfurther in an article, “The Symposium as Social
Organization,” in R. Hdigg ed., The Greek Renaissance of
the Eighth Century BC: Tradition and Innovation (Stock-

holm 1983) 195-99. See E. Gabba, “La societhateniese nel
‘VecchioOligarca’,”Athenaeum66 (1988) 6-10, for the scenario in Athens, ca. 440 B.C.
73 “The polis derivedfrom the individuals in arms;it was essentially the state of the citizens. Both facts made the defenseof
the state the concernof its folks. There was no question of
compulsory military service; it was the other way around:
the capability to serve constitutedthe completely capable citizen”:
V. Ehrenberg, The Greek State (1960) 80. E.L. Wheeler,
“Hoplomachia and Greek Dancing in Arms,” GRBS 23
(1982) 223-33, summarizesrecent work on this subject.
74 R. Ridley, “The
Hoplite as Citizen: Athenian Military
Associations in Their Social Context,” AntCl 47 (1978)
509-48. P. Ducrey, Guerre et guerriers dans la Grace an-

tique (Freiburg,Switzerland 1985) 69-72. For the ephebeia
at Athens and the crypteia at Sparta, see P. Vidal-Naquet,
in Annales 23 (1968) 947-64, and in G. Le Goff and P.
Nora eds., Faire de l’histoire III (Paris 1974) 151-60; see
also supra n. 45.
7′ Ridley (supra n. 74) 538-48; Wheeler (supra n. 73).
For representationsof the Pyrrhicdance,see Poursat (supra
n. 33). M. Detienne, “La phalange: problkmeset contro-

verses,” in J.-P. Vernant ed., Problemes de la guerre en

GrBceancienne (Paris 1968) 123; F. Lissarrague, “Autour
du guerrier,”in La cite des images (Paris 1984) 35-47. On
the attire of the knights (not a “uniform,”and seldom naked),
see H. Cahn, “Dokimasia,”RA 1973, 3-22.


originated in earlier times before being introduced
into the Olympic program.76
The Greeks were proud of their soldiers’ physique
and of the tan skin that was the consequence of their exercising in the nude. A story about Agesilaos of Sparta
illustrates how, to a adept military eye, nakedness
allowed an accurate judgment of a guy’s physical fitness: “He gave instructions.., .that the barbarians
captured in the raids be exposed for sale nude. So
when his soldiers saw them white because they never
stripped, and fat and lazy through endless riding in
Buggies, they believed the war would be just
like fighting with girls.”77 The comparison between
their own bronzed men’s bodies and the white, feminine flabbiness of the Persians renewed the bravery
of the Greek troops.
Male bodies on Attic painted vases reveal the significance of physical beauty for sportsmen, youths, citizens,
and soldiers. Most are lithe and slender, though one
Attic red-figure vase shows a hefty, paunchy figure,
holding boxing thongs, with others at the palaestra
(fig. 3): he’s a specialized sportsman, a boxer.78 A rare
scene of nude guys who are awful turns out to represent slaves who prepare the palaestra, not citizens exercising in the gymnasium (fig. 4),79 indicating the dif-

Fig. 3. Reddish-figurecup, ca. 480 B.C.: athletes training. British Museum. (CourtesyTrustees of the British Museum)
ference between the free man who exercised naked,
gymnos, in the gymnasium, and the slave who was
naked in the line of work and out of poverty. (The
slaves on this vase, like the athletes, are infibulated.) A
law prohibited slaves to exercise and anoint themselves in
the gymnasia like free men (though clearly it did
not forbid them to enter in order to do the essential
work for their upkeep).80 The custom of frequenting
the gymnasium was characteristic not only of free men
Generally speaking, but of upper-class citizens, who worked out
as members of the hoplite army. The use of nudity for
Charming reasons, on the other hand, belonged to a different level of reality-and was restricted, as we’ve
seen, to herms, satyrs, and the stage.

By the Classical period, the custom-or “habit”-of
nudity had changed, from a religious to a civil practice.
From the ritual nudity of the kouros-set up, from the
seventh century B.C. on, as picture of Apollo, votive gift,
funerary image, offering or servant of the god-and the

Rite nudity of the sportsman who competed in the
Olympic games, dedicated to the gods, there was a
change to the fit nudity of the citizen-soldier. The
transition was, I believe, initially involved with the
Rite costume suitable for initiation rites.
This passage from a spiritual to a civic circumstance was

– “And you call your page Evolvefest?? What a farse. Gender identity (look it up) is not a mental illness. People’s gender identity (which they are BORN with) doesn’t consistently fit their biological gender (which they are also born with). There is every blend of biological gender, gender identity, and along with that, sexual preference, under the sun (which each of us are born with) it isn’t a choice nor is it a mental difficulty. It is the kalideoscope of nature. Unlike.”

Those in agreement with Bryson were few and far between, but here are two of those comments:
– “Brave to speak, Evolvefest. Homosexuality, transgender etc These are perversions of the laws of nature and a degradation to the dignity of the human being.”
– “We have traveled thus far off rough and people shove their perverse feelings off on the remaining part of the world to make their lifestyles acceptable..they understand its incorrect.. Seems to me that it’d be more economical to see a Doctor to find out WHY they’re feeling the way they do than to change their bodies the way God made them. Our food is laden with chemicals, something is genetically incorrect..”
On February 2, Bryson made a post to defend Evolvefest against people who accused him of being “anti-semetic and homophobic, among other things.” He talks about some of the recent conspiracy-driven posts and repeatedly says they support freedom of speech and religious expression. He says they believe that everybody has a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Then he says that all are welcome to Evolvefest regardless of gender identity. And then comes an apology:
I would like to offer your own apology to anyone or any groups which were hurt by any recent posts on the Evolvefest page. For the sake of peace and unity, we will be going back to delete the posts which have been labeled by individuals as bad and going forward we will be refraining from commenting on specific contentious matters on a community page, which obviously entails more divergent views and perspectives than those of the admins. We will be posting more content in the foreseeable future that’ll help towards creating greater harmony and concord in a community which is committing to growing in love, forgiveness and acceptance.
As if the transgender thing wasn’t contentious enough, the other weird recent posts have been about “transhumanism,” pedophilia, homosexuality and Zionist conspiracy theories. Here is an excerpt of one post: “The next move of the Revolutionary Homosexual Mainstream Media Zionist-run Plan would be to normalize’ Pedophilia – now that anyone who dissents from agreeing with the kosherness’ of Homosexuality is instantaneously crucified.” You can read more in this post.
Has Bryson lost his marbles? I just do not even know what to make of that. In the apology post, nothing is said about the Bruce Jenner place or about transgender individuals specifically. The transphobic rant remains on their page, despite some Facebook users reporting it to FB as hate speech.
These gender comments are as leftfield as they would be for any regular music festival. The depressing thing is they’re using their large platform to spread ignorance, hate and fear because they’ve reasoned that their “Creator” does not approve.
They’ve basically said, We do not understand you, transgender individual but we are going to call you mentally ill. Oh but by the way, if you pay the entry fee then you can nevertheless come to our events!’ You call that love and acceptance?
As a fact, being transgender just isn’t a mental illness, as established by decades of research. This can be a common, but hurtful and damaging misconception. A transgender man is one whose gender will not fit their sex. This would be like someone who is born with female sex characteristics, so they’re labeled a “girl” at birth, but later realize they identify as a boy. (Many will begin to express another gender at an extremely young age and by or before adolescence they will realize their gender does not fit .)
Not identifying with the gender you’re assigned at birth is now referred to as “gender dysphoria.”
Though transgender people are more understood and accepted now than they’ve ever been, they still face of hate, bullying, and discrimination. It’s upsetting to see an organization purportedly all about love, kindness and respectfulness lead to the hate. This really is what they claim to be around on their website: